• Hot Air balloon over the ancient red sand dunes of Sossusvlei
  • The moon landscapes and linear oases of the Skeleton Coast
  • Track Black Rhino and Desert Elephant in Damaraland
  • Visit the Himba people of the Kaokaland
  • Motorcycling through the oldest desert on Earth
  • Endless skies and extraordinary stars
  • The pans of Etosha


An untamed land of endless horizon, huge mountain massifs, spectacular canyons, wreck adorned coastline and the clearest starry night skies witnessed. Namibia is located in southwest Africa, astride the Tropic of Capricorn and skirted by the South Atlantic Ocean. The climate is characterised by extremes in temperature: day to night, summer to winter. The warm dry inland winds and the cold Benguela current bring into being a mystical morning fog which penetrates the otherwise rugged, dry and fascinating landscape.

The country remains secluded and remote with a sprinkling of settlements founded by both the ancient and colonial. A historically small population that even today is less than two million people. Namibia has been shaped by recent history and its struggle for independence. As Germany’s only colony, an influx of German settlers initiated the appropriation of tribal lands causing strained relationships. The subsequent South African administration, typified by white minority rule, resulted in further deterioration and unrest. Independence was finally gained in 1990 and successful transition to a democratic society was swiftly achieved.

From the remoteness of the Kaokoveld in the north, the home of the enchanting Himba tribe, to the spectacular Fish River Canyon in the south, the diversity and natural splendour is overwhelming.

The timeless Namib Desert is inhabited by unique plant and animal species that have evolved and adapted in fascinating ways to survive in a land of perceived impossibilities. The stark imposing Skeleton Coast, a graveyard of bleached skeletal remains, exhibits the largest land based seal colony in Southern Africa. In Damaraland reside the captivating desert elephants and black rhino populations that have been successfully protected through innovative community conservation endeavours. Sossusvlei’s awe-inspiring crescent dunes arise wherever the sand-laden wind deposits, ferrous and strikingly reddish in colour, true sculptures of wind and time.

This hauntingly beautiful and intriguing place questions the idea of the conventional safari, and inspires visitors to marvel at the forces of nature. The stunning scenery, pristine wilderness areas and unique wildlife are a recipe for an unrivalled experience.