Africa is vast! The diversity of countries, cultures, landscapes and experiences to choose from is inexhaustible. Fortunately the partner guides of Passage to Africa have spent their lives exploring the most remote and wildlife rich corners of the Continent.

Safari Styles

Our passion and expertise lies first and foremost in designing the perfect safaris that exceed your expectations. Our team of partner guides spend more time taking guests on safari through the wild expanses and myriad camps of Africa than any other company. It is this knowledge and insight, which they bring to our travel design team, that allows us to craft the perfect journey for you.

Whether you are a solo traveler, or looking for the ultimate honeymoon, a family adventure or a safari from the pages of National Geographic, we will take the time to understand your dreams and turn them into reality.

We are constantly searching for the latest experiences and camps that Africa has to offer, so whether you chose to travel independently or with one of our private guides, your journey with Passage to Africa will be an extraordinary one.

When travelling independently your safari is always custom designed - with a constant focus on attention to detail, excellent guiding and personal service.

On a privately guided safari your specialist guide travels with you throughout the entire journey. We believe that the true journey of discovery lies not only in the places you stay, but most importantly in the guide who leads you, and our partner guides are amongst the very best in Africa.