Luangwa Conservation &
Community Fund

In 2009, the Bushcamp Company and other operators in Zambia's South Luangwa set up the Luangwa Conservation Community Fund (LCCF). LCCF funds long-term conservation projects in Mfuwe and South Luangwa to ensure their sustainability and the protection of the valley's natural resources. LCCF is currently funding over one third of the South Luangwa Conservation Society's budget. The South Luangwa Conservation Society is a non-profit organisation whose projects include law enforcement, wildlife research and monitoring, training of scouts and vital anti-poaching initiatives. SLCS is the only body in South Luangwa equipped and skilled to immobilize, treat and rehabilitate snared and other wounded animals. SLCS also manages a number of projects aimed at minimizing the conflict between wildlife, notably elephants, and the local community.

The LCCF is further involved in community projects within the valley including schools (Uyoba started under a tree and has now developed into a school with over 380 pupils), community clinics, market gardening and other eco-initiatives used to enhance the living standards of the community in this area. The LCCF provides much needed funds to sustain this pristine valley and all its inhabitants.

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