Who and Why

We at Passage to Africa are not in the doom and gloom business, and yet it can't have escaped anyone's notice that Africa, its wildlife and its wilderness areas are in grave danger.

Africa is a treasure that was built on a geological time-scale, but it could be ruined in a matter of years.

Bad governance, political instability, poaching, the global appetite for raw materials, and population growth are cutting a swathe through the continent's remaining wilderness.

African wildlife is our livelihood and our passion. Our goal is to bring guests on safari in ways that benefit the continent in the long term. We therefore actively support the efforts of organisations that understand and are dealing with the urgent task of conservation in Africa.

There are, of course, a number of great organizations out there. However, as Peter Fearnhead of African Parks explains in our interview with him, institutions need to set priorities. So do we.

We believe these organizations have a proven record, are doing essential work and are, most importantly, effective. As a consequence, they have our wholehearted support. By reading this page, we hope you too may be encouraged to make a contribution.